Perrelet, watch Manufacture


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Perrelet is a watchmaking front-runner and influencer. Right from its origins, almost 250 years ago, the brand was considered a pioneer and a pillar of Haute Horlogerie. As the inventor of the automatic or self-winding watch, Perrelet has consistently cultivated an avant-garde spirit teamed with complete mastery of the elaboration of its timepieces. The brand is driven by a passion for precision and rigorous technical discipline, infused with a hint of difference and singularity. Its watches embody a new modernity in a spirit of sportiness and excellence. While the brand faithfully perpetuates the watchmaking heritage of its legendary founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet, it naturally expresses its intense passion for horology in both present and future tenses.


Impelled by the dynamism of its pioneering spirit, Perrelet delivers distinctive pleasure to the owners of its rigorously mechanical, resolutely contemporary and absolutely innovative watches.

The inventor of automatic winding in 1777, the House of Perrelet masters all the components of the mechanical movements made within the walls of its Manufacture.

For Perrelet, fine watchmaking is a universe of both hand and mind, in which creativity is expressed through rigorous execution, and in which preserving a tradition means continuing and innovating. A universe built on daring inventions, on family talent perpetuated through the ages and expressed in prestigious watchmaking creations.