Perrelet and Sung Kang

Perrelet and Sung Kang

June 2016

Watchmaking brand Perrelet and action movie star Sung Kang join forces in Las Vegas to present their new joint creation.

Prestigious Swiss watchmaking brand Perrelet chose Las Vegas for the launch of its latest creation produced in partnership with renowned actor Sung Kang.

A two-stage presentation was planned for the Turbine Sung Kang, which is being released as a limited edition of 350 timepieces. On June 3rd, Perrelet presented this new and exclusive timepiece designed to provide drivers with improved legibility to an audience of industry professionals at JCK, the North American jewelry trade show, which introduced a “LUXURY Watch” space dedicated to watchmaking this year. Then, on June 4th, Perrelet and Sung Kang went on to present the result of their exciting partnership to the general public. As the model is an offset watch, what could be a more appropriate setting for unveiling Perrelet’s latest creation than “Cars and Coffee”, which takes place each weekend in Las Vegas?

“Cars and Coffee Las Vegas” is a fascinating and touching show that brings together enthusiasts of all types of cars, from classic or sports cars to concept cars, every Saturday morning. It is an occasion for automobile fans to display their own “four-wheeled toys”, swap news and opinions, discover the industry’s newest models, live and breathe the excitement of race tracks, enjoy great company... and, of course, drink a good cup of coffee!
Born to South Korean parents, American actor Sung Kang is well-known for his action films, which notably include the Fast and Furious franchise, in which he played the role of Han Lue in four of the seven movies, Live Free or Die Hard and Ninja Assassin to name just a few. He has also appeared in some very popular television series, such as NYPD Blue, Cold Case, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. An action enthusiast and true fan of fine mechanics, Sung Kang gladly accepted the opportunity to explore the prestigious world of watchmaking by helping Perrelet to design a timepiece that reflects his style and personality while retaining the Perrelet identity.

Sung Kang, whose name is mainly associated with high-adrenaline films—particularly those featuring cars driven at full throttle—is a lover and collector of both watches and cars. Attending “Cars and Coffee” with the Perrelet team and his sports car, the FuguZ, which has won awards on several occasions and inspired the design of the Turbine Sung Kang, the actor enjoyed sharing his experience of this exciting venture with the audience, driven by the same sense of motivation and passion that he has always devoted to designing and driving his own car.

Mechanical engineering, speed, precision, reliability and movement all epitomize the excitement of driving a race car and similarly characterize the innovations introduced by Perrelet creations.

The brand—which was founded in 1777 and went on to invent the automatic movement—introduced its Double Rotor technology in 1995, which brings watch dials to life in a unique way and has become a signature Perrelet feature. There are a number of versions of the Double Rotor: from the classic Double Rotor equipping the First Class Double Rotor collections to the more precious style driving the women’s Diamond Flower Amytis line, not forgetting the sportier rotors in the Turbine models, of course, whose blades move at the slightest movement of the wrist. An all-new interpretation of the latter is presented in the Turbine Sung Kang.

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