Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton

Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton

July 2016

Perrelet is pleased to announce Ariel Sexton, the famous mixed martial arts fighter, as “friend” of the brand. The encounter between Ariel and Perrelet happened thanks to Michael Hossli, owner of Hossli Jewelers in Costa Rica, one of our selected and prestigious retailers in the world and exclusive point of reference for fine timepieces.

Ariel Sexton is born in Vancouver (Canada) and raised in Costa Rica. Michael Hossli met Ariel about 14 years ago as client as he loves watches and has great passion for fine watchmaking. Later on, they became good friends and it was natural for Michael to choose him as the Ambassador of his company.

Hossli Jewelers allows a careful selection of top brands to be able to meet the demands of expert collectors and lovers of “time instruments”. Among these brands, Michael Hossli crossed his path with Perrelet and Ariel soon became “Friend” of the brand.
Perrelet, a name bound up with the origins of the automatic movement, is founded on a proud horological tradition faithfully perpetuated since 1777. Fueled by powerful creativity and a boundless spirit of innovation, the Swiss-based Maison offers devotees of fine watchmaking a range of exclusively mechanical and impeccable finished timepieces.

The Swiss watchmaker Perrelet stands out by the originality of its dials enlivened by the Double Rotor function patented in 1995 that has become a signature feature and which is proposed in different variation such as the Amytis for women and the Turbine.
As watch enthusiast Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton discovered the Perrelet brand at Hossli Jewelers some years ago, he was immediately fascinated by a Turbine model. He lives in the USA and chose a Turbine XL America, a watch issued in a special 777-piece limited edition. The Turbine collection’s signature 12-blade wheel rotates over a dial painted with the red and the white stripes of the American Flag. Make it twirl and the colors begin to dance featuring endless varied, random figures. Everything is a matter of speed; optical effects follow on from each other in a rapid-fire succession of an hour circle punctuated by blue squares bearing white stars representing the 50 American states.
As a very good “friend” and aficionado of Perrelet, Ariel regularly keeps an eye on the new creations the Swiss manufacture unveils each year.

“Turbine XL” Perrelet

The DNA of Perrelet with its signature “dial in motion” has many similarities with the values pursued by Ariel Sexton which made him famous worldwide for his activity as a fighter of mixed martial arts. His life is in constant motion too!

Ariel “Tarzan” Sexton, Hossli Jewelers and Perrelet; three different realities that all share the desire to enjoy what they do every day, always giving the best of themselves, whether it's training in sport to be a winner; choosing and proposing top brands in a jewelry; creating watches to satisfy the clients’ demands or producing timepieces following the art of the watchmaking tradition.

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